The Company

Demer is on national market since 1946, when it was only distributors of metallic flexible hoses for all industrial applications. Market evolution and customer's ask made Demer deciding for a change in both, organisation and industrial psychology. Various changes made Demer in a priority position in industrial plant original and solid.
As we can mark from the regular growth of clients and business, it growth with us!
Our success is due to a Society-policy trend to offer high-standards services, rapid delivery and a big range of products for every use. With a good furnished in our welding point our society can provide flexible hoses for pneumatic and hydraulic uses for high and very high pressure (chemical products or special abrasives).
Demer can also provide rubber hoses with a wide range of blend, till 1000mm of diameter and 20m of total length.
For all described above, a wide series of carbon steel or in stainless steel AISI 316 and 304 end fittings is available. The range of production is completed with large range of expansion joints in stainless steel, textile product and in rubber. To maintain all the prerogative of a small activity DEMER project and realises plant in stainless steel for metals treatment, naval use and use on